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As the technology has developed, need of laptops and computers have also increased. This ultimately has increased the chance of not getting free laptops for college students if they don't take action in time. There is so much competition between the people to get the laptops as they are free of cost.

Now, my story about how I got a brand new laptop for free. When I was in secondary schools, I always spend the whole money in buying toys, video games and eating chocolates. But when I grew up then I understood how important was to save money because I needed money to buy laptop so that I can complete my research work and project work. But for my sadness, I don't had money even my parents don't had. I was very disappointed because most of my friends had laptops or computers. I used to go cyber cafe's to complete all the work.

One day I landed on a site where I found advertising about giving free laptops for college students. I was surprised. I followed the ad of the free laptops for college students. There I found myself in a great surprise. They where giving the laptops for free for only submitting email then following some surveys but there was a problem. Only three laptops where left to be given away for free. So I took the action very quickly.

Here is what I did to get one of the free laptops for college students.

1. I submitted my real Email ID.

2. Completed their simple surveys and earned cash for free.

3. At the last page there were many offers to complete. I chose only the trial offers. Before the trial ends, I canceled all of my offers.

That' all. I got the brand new laptop in my house without spending lots of money.

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